30th November 2013

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5th October 2013

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But Debbie……PASTELS??

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3rd October 2013

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21st September 2013

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1st September 2013

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hands pouring sky
all over my
what language is that.
— nayyirah waheed (via nayyirahwaheed)

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31st August 2013

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5th June 2013

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10th December 2012

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… and there it was one of those moments
that is the opposite of blindness.
The world poured back and forth between their eyes once or twice.
— Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red (via leopoldgursky)

16th November 2012

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Austra // The Future 

I came so hard in your mouth.

I saw the future, it was dark.

10th November 2012

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I was still happy to sit there beside him, but that is only because I have very, very low expectations of most people, and he had now become Most People.
No One Belongs Here More than You, Miranda July (via twinkling-and-remote)